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About Us

About Us

Kalyani Hospital was started in November - 1983 as a small thirty bedded hospital in a rented premises at Hanamkonda by Dr.P.Anjani Devi, who resigned from Government service after 13 years of experience at various Govt. Hospitals like Mahabubabad, Mulug, F.W. Centre, CKM Maternity, Govt. Maternity Hospital, Hanamkonda, M.G.M. Hospital Warangal. hospital served the poorer and middle classes of society in its own humble way. It was recognized as a Family Welfare Centre by the Dist. Medical & Health Officer. On an average 1000 - 1200 deliveries used to take place annually in which were caesarian sections, 400 to 450 Tubectomys and Vasectomys were also done annually. Visiting Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Physicians were attending the hospital as visiting consultants.

After Nearly 10 years on 9 August, 1993, the hospital moved to its own spacious premises at Stadium Road and. the bed strength was increased to 75 and more specialties like Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric NICU, X-Ray and Laparoscope were added. Visiting Laparoscopic Surgeons from Hyderabad used to attend on Weekends and do surgeries. In the years 2005 the bed strength was increased to -100 and specialists from Urology and Orthopedics started attending.

In addition to the usual functioning of the hospital, free service was rendered in rural areas by conducting health camps for Women once in every 3 months. Every Saturday sterilizations operations are being done freely for deserving poor patients. In early Nineties, this hospital had the Distinction of introducing Dr.B.S.R.Murthy of Murthy's Technic fame and conducted about 100 sterilizations on a Single day. Every year during the month of March, this hospital also served as center for Family Welfare cases pronoted by nearby P.H.Cs and thus extended cooperation to the Govt, In reaching the targets in Family Welfare for about 10 years, the hospital also served as an Eye ball collection center to promote Eye-Donation from 1993 to 2003. About 50 pairs of Eyes were collected and sent to L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital and S.D. Eye Hospital in Hyderabad.

In the field of Medical academic matters, the hospital is known for conducting periodic
CME Programmes on Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Laparoscopic Surgeries, and Paediatric Surgeries. The Last one was held on 1.08.2010 in which Dr.Rajesh Modi of Akola conducted live demonstration of Day care surgical procedures on four women. It was witnessed by about 250 gynaecologists from Warangal and Karimnagar District.

Further, this hospital also hosted several CME programs in Obst. & Gyneac., Pediatric Surgery, General Surgery, Human Genetics, Orthopedics, Anesthesiology during the last five years. Experts like Dr.Balamba, Dr.Anuradha, Dr.Pingali Gopal, FRCS., Dr.Gopal Krishna, M.S.(Ortho.), Dr.P.Vinuthna MRC. Psych., and Dr.Shailendra Singh, D.M., Dr.Mohan Vamshi visited the hospital and delivered lectures.

This hospital has committed itself to render free service to the deserving poor and needy as and when required and thus fulfill its unwritten obligation to the society.

“I served in Government Hospitals for 13 years. In 1983 Ban on Private Practice was imposed. I felt that my freedom to serve the society was curtailed. Then Kalyani Hospital was born. Over the Years, it has grown in size and structure and also earned good will among the weaker sections of society as Hospital for a common man. It gives me immense satisfaction that I am able to provide healing touch to thousands of expectant mothers who go out of the hospital with a baby in their arms and a smile on their faces”.

Dr. Parcha. Anjani Devi

Warm Greetings!

In our State of Andhra Pradesh, there are millions of people who are not able to get quality Medicare at affordable costs. It is in this context that our Kalyani Hospital was launched way back in 1983 to serve the sick in need of medical relief. I am happy to state that we are able to realise our goal, may be, in a limited way to the satisfaction of many men, women and children undergoing treatment in our Institution.


 My early exposure to medical science and Practice at Kalyani Hospital, under the care and guidance of my mother Dr. Anjani Rama Rao motivated me to acquire further skills abroad though I am in Birmingham (U.K) now, I wish to return to India and join the medical fraternity at Kalyani Hospital to serve the sick and needy by providing qualitative Medicare with expertise.

Dr Chetan T Parcha

Consultant Anaesthetist (AC)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 
Birmingham,  UK



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