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If there’s one thing you can’t escape when you’re pregnant, it’s tests! Of course it’s normal to be nervous about them but take comfort in the fact that they’re intended to make sure your baby’s developing healthily.

Your doctor will give you full information about each one, so you’ll always know what to expect.

If you've recently taken a pregnancy test or missed a period, you might be worried about an unplanned pregnancy.

At New Beginnings you won’t experience any pressure - just real answers and real help to make an educated choice.

We’re here to help you consider all your options and get all the facts.

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IAP (Warangal branch), FOGSI (Warangal branch), IRIA (Warangal Branch) and Kalyani Hospital invite you for a one day academic feast on foetal medicine. In continuation with the last years successful symposium, we have planned for a one day intensive CME this year for practitioners of foetal health. The aim of this symposium is to bring Radiologists, Obstetricians, Paediatricians, Paediatric Surgeons, Geneticists and other allied specialists under one roof to have an intensive interaction in the management of the foetus, an important meeting point for the above specialties.

The underlying theme of the symposium is the basic sciences important for practitioners in understanding the foetus and its problems. This would be coupled with the latest advances in the Indian context in the field of foetal medicine. The ethical and moral issues would also be discussed.

Good informed counselling by the practitioners of maternal-foetal health leading to better outcomes is the final goal of the symposium. Hopefully, a better coordination would be nurtured amongst the various groups of caregivers in foetal and perinatal medicine. The unborn child under our care should benefit by our efforts.

A number of acknowledged experts in the field of Prenatal diagnosis and intervention, Genetics, Paediatric surgery, and other relevant specialties would be speaking in this forum and interact with the delegates in a lively manner.

Please register yourself at the earliest and make this event a grand success. for more information click here !

Dr. Rajesh Modi, Well-known Laparoscopic Surgeon from AKOLA, Maharashtra, will be visiting Warangal and conducting Laparoscopic Surgeries on the needy women at Kalyani Hospital on 21 March 2012. The Speciality of this Day Care Surgery Programme is that the women who undergo hysterectomy operation being performed by Dr. Rajesh Modi can go home on the same day evening. There will be no Post operative trauma or bleeding at all.

Suguna Memorial Motherhood Card List

If every doctor swears to offer free service to at least one or two patients a day, that will help the genuine and needy. Big Nursing homes can do wonders"

Smt. Vakati Karuna launched the "
Suguna Safe Motherhood Card" at Kalyani Hospital.

She Explained that the country was far a head in development as indicated by severa; growth factors. But, sadly, it was lagging behind in health sector. " Even small countries like Mexico are a head of india. If we want to excel, the country needs selfless services of individuals"

Smt. Vakati Karuna I.A.S.
Joint Collector of Warangal

"I was moved by the speech of Dr.Mahapatra. The neo-natal mortality in AP is 50 per, 1000 where as it is 13 in Kerala and 15 in Tamil Nadu. He wanted all the gynaecologists to reduce costs by just Rs.500 to encourage institutional deliveries"

" Every parent has the responsibility to providing good health to their children and preserving cord blood ensures that and enables a child to fight against unanticipated diseases in later life "

- Dr.P.Anjani Devi

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Thomas Beatie is pregnant:
world’s first pregnant man!?!

This pic is for real peeps! Disturbing, I know….The first time I saw this photo I thought, how could this be? It’s not physically possible for a man to carry a baby. And then I read that the 22 week pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, is a transgendered male. Now it all makes since. Although the image is still a little startling, I’ve got to say, good for him......

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