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The unit has a general ward of 5 beds which are also provided with central Oxygen and suction facilities apart from 4 single rooms which are air conditioned. The HDU is well equipped with pulse oximeter, Heart Rate, NIBP, Heart rate monitor, Infusion pumps and measured volume sets to give calculated boluses and drug infusions which are very critical in the care of young children.

The number of out patient service has increased to nearly 0 / per month. There is an immunization clinic which is run through out the day and all through the year, where cold chain is maintained meticulously. Super Specialists Services are available for the last one year with the following visiting consultants being available on call

Dr. J.Sudhakar Reddy MBBS., Dch Last but not the least, services of well trained staff nurses who are experts in practical pediatric nursing like starting IV lines, NG aspiration and catheterisation under the guidance of sisters. Marykutty and Suganth are available round the clock which has won the appreciation and patronage of parents of sick children admitted in the hospital.

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