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Stem Cell Banking

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What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of our body and have the potential to develop into many different cell types. Serving as a repair system, they can divide without limit to replenish other cells and give rise to a number of tissues that constitute different organs.

How are my baby’s stem cells and cord blood collected and preserved? Is it safe for my child?

Ideally, you should plan to preserve your baby’s stem cells a few weeks before the expected delivery date. During childbirth, the cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord within 10 minutes after delivery. Once this is done, a specified length of 25 centimetres of the umbilical cord is cut and preserved for stem cells extraction. This process is simple, extremely safe and causes no harm to the child or the mother.

How are the cord blood and cord tissue stem cells useful?

Cord blood & cord tissue stem cells are highly proliferative in nature and can develop into several types of stem cells. They have the potential to treat ailments like leukemia (blood cancer), thalassemia, blood related disorders, heart ailments, diabetes, neurological disorders, heart ailments, diabetes, neurological disorders, heart ailments, diabetes, neurological disorders and many other critical ailments in the future. Research, clinical trials and therapeutic success on stem cells are advancing rapidly every day.

Stem cells have the power to regenerate repair or replace damaged cells in the body

The Umbilical Cord Blood is rich with Stem Cells that can differentiate into blood and immune system as well as Heart, Brain, Spinal, Pancreatic tissue etc.

Cord Blood Stem Cells are not just for your baby – but they can be potentially used for the whole family. Your baby will have 100 % matches with these cells and the siblings will have at least 25% chance of being a suitable match.

Harvesting stem cells from a newborn baby's cord blood, which was hitherto available in metropolitan cities only, is now made available in smaller cities like Warangal also, thanks to the initiative taken by Dr. Parcha Anjani Devi, who has been running Kalyani Hospital since 1983. Check Press Release ..... 2nd Paragraph

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